Zodiac Signs Alley

Садово-парковая скульптура "Рак"

The Zodiac Signs Alley appeared in 2005 as a result of joint efforts of blacksmiths from Donetsk, Kiev, Ivano-Frankovsk, and Aleksandria (Kirovograd region). There are 12 works in the alley. Seven of them are made by the blacksmiths of the Ukrainian Gefest blacksmiths enterprise. Two more figures – The Aries and The Aquarius – are made by the blacksmiths of the Donetsk Opal and Prolisok enterprises.

The Cancer is a work by masters of the Kiev Tantiema art blacksmithing plant.

The Libra is a philosophical figure by Sergey Polubotko and Mikhail Zaritskiy from Ivano-Frankovsk.  It is an embodiment of the words by Maksim Rylsky ‘Two equal wings has man’s happiness – roses and grapes, beautiful and useful…’

The Pisces is presented to the city by blacksmiths of Aleksandria. This brand sculpture by the Renessans private enterprise has neither welds nor coating. Like in the old days.

It has its charm. The sculptures from the Ukrainian Gefest blacksmiths enterprise – The Scorpio by Viktor Burduk and The Lion by Evgeniy Ermak – are made in the same manner.

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