Баба Яга

The Mystic Alley

It is no secret that the number 13 is considered to be connected with superstitions. As the festival in 2011 had to be the 13th one blacksmiths had an idea of literally hitting the myths and superstitions with their hammers. Masters worked on art interpretations on the subject of legends, superstitions, myths and mystic fantasies. And, of course, there were exactly 13 creative works by masters from all corners of Ukraine installed in the Mystic Alley. And to prevent all possible apprehensions of the Forged Figures Park’s guests the first sculpture – The Blacksmith-Alien – was decorated with lots of... Читать далее

Survey for the 10th birthday of the Park

The Forged Figures Park is celebrating its 10th anniversary on the Donetsk City Day. Over the years the Park has become an excellent resting place and tourist attraction of the city. It is one of the most favourie and visited places for the city citizens and guests. History steps 2001 – Donetsk City Council supported an idea of the Ukrainian Gefest blacksmiths enterprise’s director Victor Burduk to create the Forged Figures Park in the public garden near the Council. There were 11 figures installed in the Park. 2004 – The VI Donetsk Blacksmiths Art Festival became All-Ukrainian. In course of... Читать далее

День влюбленных в Парке кованых фигур

Valentines from blacksmiths

On the 14th of February in spite of thirteen degrees of frost Donetsk romantics came early in the morning to watch the ‘blooming’ of the Tree of Happiness with forged hearts. More than forty people – obviously believing in love – gathered in the Forged figures Park to witness a small miracle created by the Donbass Blacksmiths Guild and its media partner the Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper. After short briefing with the community and media representatives Victor Burduk and some volunteers proceeded to a sacrament. And at exactly 6 o’clock, as it had been announced, all the present could become happy... Читать далее

Кованые валентинки

‘Heart’ tradition

Four years ago on the St. Valentines Day – on the 14th of February – the Tree of Happiness bloomed in the Forged Figures Park for the first time. Thus the Gefest blacksmiths enterprise and the Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper congratulated all the Donetsk citizens with this wonderful holiday – St. Valentines Day. The people who didn’t miss the moment of the blooming could gather the holiday harvest – forged valentine hearts for their loved ones. Blacksmiths from other cities of Ukraine joined this creative initiative. This year hearts will be forged in the Crimea, Dnepropetrovsk and many other regions. Donetsk... Читать далее

Forged Figures Park – 2010

September 18 The opening of the festival itself was marked with momentous events. During the opening ceremony Donetsk mayor Aleksandr Lukianchenko was awarded the Honourable Blacksmith title. The ceremony was held by the President of the Union of Masters of Blacksmiths Art in Ukraine Victor Burduk and the President of the Union of Blacksmiths in Russia Aleksandr Romanov. The Donetsk mayor with the help of two Presidents-blacksmiths forged and drove a nail. As a representative of Russia Aleksandr Romanov noted that the city’s assistance in developing of blacksmithing is far beyond Donetsk borders. This support helps blacksmithing to develop in... Читать далее

Аллея Арок

Arches Alley

In 2007 it was the first time when the IX International Blacksmiths Art Festival Forged Figures Park took place at the last weekend of September. There were 150 masters from 10 countries participating in it. The main project of the festival was the opening of the Arches Alley. There were 10 five-meter-wide forged arches and 16 author’s benches installed in the Alley. Forged in course of the festival works decorated the eleventh arch, that was the Arch of Friendship. The Arch of Friendship was decorated with works by the Rosuch forge (Bila Tserkva district, Kiev region), The Bell of Wishes,... Читать далее

Welcome to the site Forged figures park!

By the beginning of the XII International Festival smithcraft “Forged figures park of 2010” is timed run web-resource Forged figures park. Donetsk has long encouraged the citizens and visitors to these alloy skill and imagination. With the help of the site “walk” through the park will be possible for Internet users of the most remote corners of the world from Donetsk. Web-resource specialists realized bureau of advertising and information technology “Elf” projt donbass.NAME. Читать далее

Zodiac Signs Alley

The Zodiac Signs Alley appeared in 2005 as a result of joint efforts of blacksmiths from Donetsk, Kiev, Ivano-Frankovsk, and Aleksandria (Kirovograd region). There are 12 works in the alley. Seven of them are made by the blacksmiths of the Ukrainian Gefest blacksmiths enterprise. Two more figures – The Aries and The Aquarius – are made by the blacksmiths of the Donetsk Opal and Prolisok enterprises. The Cancer is a work by masters of the Kiev Tantiema art blacksmithing plant. The Libra is a philosophical figure by Sergey Polubotko and Mikhail Zaritskiy from Ivano-Frankovsk.  It is an embodiment of the... Читать далее

Program of XII International Festival smithcraft Forged figures Park – 2010

September 17, Friday Register at the headquarters of the Festival in the Park of forged figures. September 18, Saturday Official opening of Festival Park of forged figures – 2010. Opening a new avenue Alley masters. Events. Conference. September 19, Sunday Masterclasses blacksmiths. Installation work on the song “Bridge of Friendship”. Closing the festival. September 20, Monday Tour to Donetsk Metallurgical Plant. Tour Soledar at Salt Mine, an underground forging, fabrication presents the Good Shubin. Читать далее