Баба Яга

The Mystic Alley

It is no secret that the number 13 is considered to be connected with superstitions. As the festival in 2011 had to be the 13th one blacksmiths had an idea of literally hitting the myths and superstitions with their hammers. Masters worked on art interpretations on the subject of legends, superstitions, myths and mystic fantasies. Читать далее


Zodiac Signs Alley

The Zodiac Signs Alley appeared in 2005 as a result of joint efforts of blacksmiths from Donetsk, Kiev, Ivano-Frankovsk, and Aleksandria (Kirovograd region). There are 12 works in the alley. Seven of them are made by the blacksmiths of the Ukrainian Gefest blacksmiths enterprise. Two more figures - The Aries and The Aquarius – are made by the blacksmiths of the Donetsk Opal and Prolisok enterprises. Читать далее


Fairy Tales Alley

The creation of alleys with works devoted to some particular subject is a good tradition and peculiarity of the Donetsk festival. In 2006 The Fairy Tales Alley was founded. There are 12 forged works by masters of art blacksmithing from 7 regions of Ukraine in the alley. All of them are the result of the creative interpretation of the folk tales plots. Читать далее

Европейское кольцо

Forged Figures Park

In 2001 in the course of the regular blacksmiths festival the Forged Figures Park was established in the public garden of the City Council of Donetsk. The project was initiated by Victor Burduk, chief director of Ukrainian Gefest blacksmiths enterprise and master of decorative and applied arts and under the aegis of the Donetsk City Council. Developing from year to year, the park has become one of the most famous places of interest in the capital city of Donetsk region. Moreover, it is unique in the whole world! Читать далее

Иосиф Кобзон на фестивале Парк кованых фигур

Joseph Kobzon visited the Park

On August 27 the VIII International Blacksmiths Art Festival Forged Figures Park 2006 started in Donetsk. The festival was dedicated to the celebration of the City Day and the Miner’s Day which traditionally take place on the last Sunday of August. Craftsmen from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine as well as blacksmiths from the Netherlands gathered to participate in the festival. The Ukrainian Gefest blacksmiths enterprise – an initiator of the Forged figures Park foundation – installed new figures in the public garden of the City Council. Moreover, there was a new figure installed in the central part of the garden. It is created by blacksmiths of all regions of Ukraine and symbolizes unity and solidarity of the country. Читать далее